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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inner strength

Ways to increase your inner strength:

1) Do it for someone u love.
2) Rest appropriately. Like Saturday n Sunday.
3) Try to find ways to enjoy while working. Kinda difficult but it is possible.
4) Try to prove others wrong. For your own sake, be strong.
5) Have frenz and love ones to encourage u.
6) Have a big ego.

Any more ideas? hmmm i am helping someone to think now. Pls post your ideas k?


Yeah i got silver for IPPT after 10 months of not exercising. All thanks to my research. Was really desperate to pass so i got find out all the weird ways.
1) Drink a cup of salt and sugar water for breakfast. 1 cup of water and 1 spoon of salt and 1 spoon of sugar.
2) Use your ventolin inhaler before the run because it helps to open up your trachea.
3) Use your nasal spray to open up your nasal path.
4) Do it for someone. For the sake of someone, do it.
5) Bet with someone b4 the run, for your ego and money, u will do it.
6) Run for the monetary incentives.
7) pray...

Friday, July 6, 2007

My favorite song for this season

I kinda like Rihanna Umbrella song these days. But it is kinda irritating. But i still like it anyway.
But this song i wanna share is one song that made me cry when the first time i heard it even though i dun understand the language he is singing. One bloody good russian singer. Please listen till the end. The bridge is damn good. Oh yes, this song is a dedication to his late mom.

Crazy Things I Have Done These Days

1) I have sat every rides at Escape theme park. Ok i know the rides there are not very thrilling compared to those like Disney Land, but for someone who have height phobia. Is there a term for it?? I still remember the days when i had to do Basic Obstacle Course, oh man u ladies will never imagine how tough is it for me. I will always clear those that require strength and stamina obstacles faster than most people. However when it comes to "Jacob ladder" and some stupid high balancing bar, I will just stand there and shiver. Seriously, I felt like ending my life when i climb those things. haha

2) I am using this SpongeBob Square Pants cd rom to learn how to type. I know I am too old for it, but hey those characters are damn cute. Ha ha. Honestly, I am not very sure if mine typing skills have improve after those practice. My typing speed is as slow as my Captain by the way for those who dunno. ( 1 Finger typing)

3) I ate MA LA HUO GUO at Bugis. Damn spicy la. But damn shiok. For those of you who wants to vent out your anger, go try it. You won't be thinking of those thoughts by the time u eat it. Ha ha. But beware that sausage lips are inevitible.

4) I became super plastic at work for my survival. I hate it, but do I have a choice. Haiz.

5) I have been trying very hard to cook for someone these days. When I know he likes it from the bottom of his heart, I smiled...

6) I am going to Krabi for a break. Will be staying at Krabi La Playa Resort. Will be there from 18 to 21 of August. Ha ha.

7) I am working like mad to store off days. Specially for someones and mine birthday.

My life seems so ideal the way I want it these days, But why everything is still in the mess???

Oh yes BTW I am totally lost for my birthday. I am 21 this year. But why am i not anticipating for my birthday to arrive? I dunno what to do to celebrate my birthday. Maybe i just wanna sleep through it. Hahx


Two person

So in love

Not compatible




Let it go

Friday, June 22, 2007

This is fucking sick to the core

naked on the cold hard floor
shit became part of them
cramped together

An orphanage should be a place felt with kindness, care and concern. Not forgeting love too. I know there are definitely lots of sad stories behind those orphans. But still it should be like a heaven for those kids. But whats wrong with the world today??? Take a look at those pics. These happened in 1 of the orphanage in Baghdad.

Lots of food were found in the store. But yet the owner kept those food for his own consumption only. There were lots of clothings donated by the public and other organisation, but those clothings were sold by the owner in return for cash. This is super sick!!!

Why open an orphanage when your aim is not to help those children. Why pray when the things u do can't even be condone in hell.

I dunno how to express my views about this but i just felt super sick and sad. Those pictures shows clearly of everything i wanna say. Haiz. I kinda felt very angry and i dunno why.